Top 10 Staffing and Recruiting Websites (Text)

I wanted to spend a few minutes with you today to share with you the TOP 10 WEBSITES I have found to be great resources for credit collection for staffing and recruiting firms.

These websites are an absolute wealth of information and many are free.
Some of these websites are paid sites but they are a great value, in my opinion.

Let’s gets started:

  • This is a paid site but the site offers unlimited credit reports for about $50.00
  • The reports are actually pretty good. They do use some public record information, so you will see if they have any tax liens or other state liens. The thing I like about the site is, it not only gives a credit score but it lets you know if they are trending up or trending down.
  • All States now have their Secretary of State information located on the web and they all have a web search for corporations. This will give you information such as the correct company name. This is incredibly important, especially if you should have to sue the debtor. I cannot tell you how many times I have had a client turn over a company and when we go to sue them our client does not have a clue what the correct company name is.
  • The basic fact is, if you do not have the name exactly correct then you can not sue them. The Secretary of State website will also give you owner information and addresses as well.
  • I know this sound simple enough but I can tell you that over 10% of the debtors that come into collections with our company have derogatory information about them on the first page of a Google search.
  • If our client had only done a simple Google search they could have saved themselves a lot of time.
  • This is another paid site and it cost about $75 per month. It is a lot like Cortera but they have done it a lot longer.
  • In my opinion, their public record search is a little more up to date
  • This is an Adams, Evens & Ross website and it is free. This is the website we set up as a training resource for our clients. All of our recommended credit apps and demand letters are loaded up at this site as well as our archives of all tele-classes and webinars.
  • It is meant to be a training resource for all clients so you can set up a system that runs on auto pilot. The website also gives you information such as what is the legal rate you can charge for late fees in your state or how long you can pursue a debt.
  • This is the official website for the United States Staffing Association
  • At this website, there are many great links to many staffing and recruiting vendors that supply such things as background checks, funding, collection and many other resources you may need at some point with your business. It is like a professional Rolodex.
  • This is the official website for Recruiting and Staffing Solutions Magazine
  • This website is a lot like the United States Staffing Association website but it has many of the past issues archived on the website so you can use it to go back and read past issues. It is a neat way to save $129 per year in a subscription charge.
  • This is a paid site. This is a public record search site that allows you to run a search on a company and see if they have any open lawsuits or judgments.
  • The cost is a few bucks per search and they charge you regardless if the search finds a lawsuit or not on a company. It is far cheaper, in my opinion, to search this site than to pull a D & B to see if a company has been sued.
  •  These two sites tie in my opinion. One is the NAPS website and the other is the American Staffing Association website.
  • The reason I like these sites is, they will typically let you know what is going on in the industry in regards to Federal and State Laws and pending legislation. They do keep a pretty good pulse on what is going in the industry.
  • This is the Adams, Evens & Ross Official Website. I may be a little partial to this site, but no other website will allow you to search a database with over 250,000 debtors that have failed to pay other staffing or recruiting firms. This website also gives you the ability to pull unlimited free, full investigative credit report on any company that owes your company if it is more than 60 days past due.
  • You can also sign up for Credit Alert Email. This email identifies companies that have not paid other staffing and recruiting firms and is sent every week free of charge to the staffing and recruiting industry. This website also links to most of the resources we discussed.
Well that is my recommendation for the Top 10 Websites for Credit, Collection and Staffing Resources.
If you would like to receive the credit alert email free of charge, please email me at and put Credit Alert Req in the subject.
If you have a past due client that you would like to discuss, please contact me at 800-452-5287 Ext 6578.
Thank you,
Wilson Cole
President & Founder
Adams, Evens & Ross Inc – an Inc 500 Company

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