Skylight Special Pricing for AER Clients

We have partnered with a Payroll  card to help reduce fraud on paychecks (some of our clients were being turned over for collections by the check cashing places because checks that were ‘lost’ found their way to the check cashing stores after our clients had put a stop pay on the ‘lost’ checks. )

The name of the  company is Skylight, they are the nation’s largest whole seller of bank (ATM) card.  I referred one of our clients last year to Skylight and the client just told me last month they have already saved over $250,000 in 2011. 

Skylight  has special pricing for Adams, Evens &  Ross’ Clients.   

I did not want to give out your contact information to them without your permission but I did want to check to see if you would like for me to have them contact you?

Wilson Cole
1-800-452-5287 Ext 6578

Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to leave your message or let us know how can we help you.

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